I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done for me last year. If anyone had told me what I would have achieved in that time I would not have believed them. So much of this is down to you. I do genuinely believe you have changed my life and probably forever! I know this is your job but your commitment, passion and drive in helping others achieve their goals goes way beyond this. I cannot thank you enough.
(35 year old female from North Chailey)
Although I have been running for many years, I first worked with Dave in the run-up to a demanding 30 mile Ultra Marathon in 2009. I have little doubt that, without Dave's enthusiasm and motivation, I would not have been able to complete the amount of training miles required and would have really struggled to finish the race at all — Dave has a way of making even the most demanding session seem fun and enjoyable. I not only completed the race but I finished in a faster time than I had predicted.
(44 year-old Newick Mum of two)
Having first met Dave as a fitness instructor at a group exercise programme, I started working with him one-to-one in an attempt to significantly increase my body muscle and strength. We embarked on a challenging weekly programme of strength training. Dave proved a great motivator helping me to push myself just that little bit harder each week. Progress was rapid and, within a matter of months, I had completely changed my body shape with significantly greater muscle mass — my body weight increased by approximately 10 kgs with virtually no increase in body fat.
(35 year-old male from Hurstpierpoint)
I have never been particularly into team sports or fitness generally and my weight had been increasing over a number of years. Dave gradually introduced me first to fitness walking, then jogging and eventually running. The first time he took me to a race I was hooked and have been running regularly since, taking part in a weekly 5k time trial. In a period of just a few months I managed to improve my PB by well over 20% and he has inspired me to continue to train to get better and better.
(Haywards Heath Teenager)